2017 Circle of Excellence

The National CPCU Society has notified our Chapter that we have been recognized by the Society with the Gold Circle of Excellence Award for 2017 for our extensive and wide-ranging activities in support of our membership and community:

It is my pleasure to recognize the New Hampshire CPCU Society Chapter with the Gold level for the 2017 Circle of Excellence Recognition Program.  Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the CPCU Society. Congratulations!

This year we had over 100 chapters complete submissions for recognition.  I hope you found the program helpful in guiding your chapter in best practices to better serve your members. The CPCU Society appreciates your help in implementing our strategic initiatives at the local level. I hope the Circle of Excellence Program will continue to provide direction for your chapter’s activities and help your officers deliver value to your membership.

Thank you for your continued service to the CPCU Society and its members!


Jennifer Polachek | Program Director, Chapter Compliance and Operations

The Institutes | Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group

720 Providence Road | Suite 100 | Malvern, PA 19355-3433


Circle of Excellence Awards NH Chapter CPCU

The CPCU Society Chapter of Excellence program began in 2000.This program was developed to recognize individual Chapters for their work on member development, volunteer initiatives, education programming and best practices. 

The New Hampshire Chapter is very proud to have received the following Circle of Excellence awards from the CPCU Society:

2016 - Gold

2015 – Gold

2014 – Gold

2013 – Gold

2011 – Gold

2010 – Gold

2009 – Gold

2008 – Gold

2007 – Gold

2005 – Silver

2004 – Bronze

2003 – Bronze

Brenda Buck Award

This award was begun in 2009 and first given to Brenda Buck, a long time supporter and volunteer of our New Hampshire Chapter CPCU.  It was given in recognition of her contribution to the Chapter and the Industry.  To quote one of our members “her fathomless pool of experience, knowledge and unbridled contributions have benefited the NH CPCU Chapter members and the insurance industry as a whole”.

The Board and Officers of the NH CPCU Chapter seek your nominations for that Chapter member who displays those qualities that most closely reflect the selfless qualities of Brenda Buck, for whom this award is given, based on a minimum of:

·       An inherent desire to define professionalism within the insurance industry

·       A willingness to offer support for the advancement of continuing education

·       Display of diversity by participating in more than one insurance organization

·       The continuance to place the needs of others above their own


Recipients of the Brenda Buck Award:

Brenda Buck 2009

Patricia Smith 2013

David Hershey 2016

Brenda Buck Award 2009

I was very surprised to receive the new award that has been created in my name for the NH Chapter at todays breakfast meeting at the Bedford Village Inn.  I  want to thank you for recognizing my contributions to the Chapter and the Industry.  I work hard, participate in a lot of industry activities, am always trying to learn something new, and am very dedicated.  It is good to know that my efforts are appreciated and recognized.  Although I am leaving the Board, I look forward to continuing my participation in the Chapter as a member.  I'm always available to bounce ideas off and will help out with the activities the Chapter undertakes. 

I'm looking for the right words to say and the only thing I keep coming up with is "I am humbled".  What I mean to say is I've done what I can and what seems right, not because I would receive recognition or awards, and not that I couldn't have contributed more because there is always room for improvement and because as things change over time it is necessary to make them current.  There are others who have contributed way more than me over the Chapter's History. 

I can't wait to see who is next to receive "The Brenda Buck Award" whose  extraordinary personal & professional commitment makes a long lasting impact to the insurance industry and the NH CPCU Chapter.

Thank You!!

Brenda Buck CPCU, CIC, CPIW