In order to be chartered in 1961, New Hampshire needed a minimum of six conferred designees/CPCU’s. The push to get an active NH Chapter, and to get the required six members, began in 1957 through the efforts of Archie Slawsby and Francis “Frank” Whaland. With the help of volunteer instructors from the Boston Chapter of CPCU and Archie and Frank, CPCU classes were offered in New Hampshire at the Slawsby Agency. The first class had fifteen participants. 

In 1960, there were finally six official CPCU’s in New Hampshire. The first six members of the NH Chapter were Frank Whaland, CPCU, George Borosky, CPCU, Warren Garland, CPCU, Shirley Marshall, CPCU, Stuart Nimms, CPCU, and John J. “Jack” Keefe, Jr., CPCU. Shirley Marshall, CPCU, was elected the first president of the NH Chapter of CPCU and served two terms. 

The NH Chapter has been continuously active since that time, offering and promoting CPCU courses and educational programs. The NH Chapter of CPCU co-sponsors an All- Industry (I-Day) Day each year. In 2002 the Chapter launches its web site in conjunction with the National CPCU Society to better serve its NH membership and to promote the CPCU designation.

In September, 2010 the very first CPCU Society New Hampshire Chapter Newsletter arrived by email to our members.  This improvement to our communication was extremely well received by our 160 members.  Newsletters have continued on a regular basis thanks to the never ending and much appreciated work of Richard Coskren, our Chapter Secretary.

On November 15, 2011 the NH CPCU Chapter celebrated its Golden 50th Anniversary with a celebration at the Manchester Country Club.  Entertainment was provided by pianist Harold Weiss and a womens a capella group The Rhythms of NH Chorus.  Many Past Presidents attended to share their congratulatory remarks and memories.  Historic photos scrolled throughout the evening on a large screen.  NH CPCU Chapter 50th anniversary wine glasses were given to all attendees as a momento of the occasion.  Thanks to the Anniversary Committee members; Christy Bartlett, Dave Hershey, Eileen Gil, Gwen Cunningham, Judy  Durst, Brenda Beal, Ksenia Wilder, Jill Gidge and Francine Driscoll, this event was a fitting rememberance of our Chapter's history.